Jasper van Luijk

Jasper van Luijk (1987) is one of The Netherlands great choreographic talents. Hij studied dance at the ArtEZ Dance Academy, and when he was only 24 years old he was selected by Korzo to show his first piece in Voorjaarsontwaken 2011. This resulted in Too many new beginnings, which was very well received.

In 2012 Jasper received the ITs Choreography Award, a price for graduating talent in choreography. After his graduation, he decided to focus on choreography full-time. Since then he worked continuously at many Dutch dance houses, festivals and companies such as Conny Janssen Danst, Oerol, Festival a/d Werf, Cadance and Holland Dance Festival and Moving Futures. In 2016 he was nominated for the award of the Nederlandse Dansdagen as an emerging choreographer. 

At the moment Jasper is supported by De Nieuwe Oost Arnhem, Het Huis Utrecht, MAAS Theater & Dance in Rotterdam en Korzo Producties in The Hague. Highlights from the past year are the solo performances Yonder and The Definition of Now. Movements generated by society are a central theme in Jasper’s work. He also places great emphasis on performing ‘in the moment’; the creation of situations on stage where the performers make decisions on-the-spot with which they can influence and surprise both themselves and the audience. For this he regularly opens his studio in his creation process for the audience and invites them to join the conversation. In 2016 he established his own organisation SHIFFT in Utrecht, together with business producer Lisa Donia .

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Generale Oost is a theater and dance production house and research center where young creators take their first steps into the professional theatre world. The enthusiasm, aspirations and dreams are big with the GO-team, and you clearly feel that as an audience. The house focus lies on connecting different art disciplines in order to build bridges and new artistic challenges among young emerging artists.



Korzo Productions is the name of one of the largest Dutch production houses for modern dance. It’s a name that is finding its way more and more into the programs of theatres in the Netherlands. And always in combination with the names of young or leading choreographers or connected with new and stimulating initiatives in the Dutch dance scene. The home base lies in Korzo, a vital arts center in the heart of The Hague. With its own theatre and production house, Korzo offers an inspiring environment where significant performing arts are created and presented.


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Het Huis Utrecht is a home for artists and new ideas. It provides (theater) artists and other creatives a place and guides them in developing their plans. Other theater professionals utilize the expertise of Het Huis. The organization plays an important role in the performing arts scene in Utrecht, The Netherlands, it is a vital link in the chain of art schools to theater companies and venues.

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Maas Theater & Dance is physical, imaginative and distinctive in every sense. We perform for everyone: children from the age of 3, school classes, families, teens and young adults. You can see us in our home city of Rotterdam and around the world.


Dance Roads

Dance Roads is a European Network, dedicated to supporting innovative choreographers and providing them with an opportunity to emerge onto the international stage. It aims to give selected artists from each partner country a wide platform to showcase their work, and create and foster productive working relationships with artists and organisations from different countries. The network currently hosts a biennial touring festival, jointly coordinated by each partner, which supports the transnational mobility of high quality contemporary dance works from choreographers in the early career stages.